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1985 U.S.National Bluegrass Banjo Championship, Winfield, KS
1st place
1987 Galax Fiddlers' Convention - Banjo division, Galax, VA
1st place
1988 State Banjo Contest, Lowell, MA
1st place
1989 State Banjo Contest, Lowell, MA
1st place


WhaleDance Arita Yoshihiro "Whale Dance"
See liner notes
Influences "Banjo Influences"
(XIII Bis Records)
Jerry Lee Lewis"Dick Tracy" sound track (Warner Bros.)
Herb Ohta"Ukulele Wave" (Hot Club Pacific)
Matt Glaser"Play Fiddle Play" (Flying Fish)
Deborah Silverstein"Around the next bend" (Flying Fish)
with Akamatsu Toshihiro A-Project "Now the time workshop vol.2" (Fun House)
SION"HOTARU" "10 + 1" (Teichiku)
Shan-shan-typhoon"HEISEI-TANUKI-GASSEN Ponpoko" sound track (Tokuma Japan)
Petty Booka"FUJIYAMA MAMA" (Benten Label),
"Sweetheart of the radio"(Sister Records)
Liz Meyer"WHO WILL CALM THE STORM" (Strictly Country)
Kyon"6210 IN MY HOUSE" (consipio records)
Le Couple"Chiisana Negai" (PCCA-01212)
Mike Maki"KO MO MAI PARTY" (Fun House)
Nagai Ryuun"Gekiryu"(COCA-14124), "Kikyou"(CODA-1125)
Chaki Miyako"Ima Anata ha/Aisasete hoshii"(NW1-1001)
(CD-ROM)"sora kara mita Nihon VOL.2"(SF-081)
Arita Yoshihiro, Sakaniwa Syogo, etc"Vintage Voice 2"(RHY0002)
Furusawa Ryojiro and DAI-O-JO "mo-sugu shini-masse"(PCD-5753)
Masumura Hiroshi "Atagoal Tales"(COCO-14844)
Katho Noriko"la fraise"(EPCE-5019)
Dr.K Project"eleki-band ga yume datta"(MYCV-30011)
KOKIA"Song Bird"(PCCA-01351)
freebo"Blue Moon"(TOCT-24279)
Nakanishi Toshihiro "Omiai kekkon" sound track(POCH-1924)
Tokutake Hirofumi"The Keys to Country" (ABCS-19)
Mike Maki"STILL"(FFAC-1001)
Miyamoto Fumiaki"Hommage au bleu"(SRCR2506)


1985 "Fiction Brothers" Europe Tour - Holland, German, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark
1986 "Off Center" Japan Tour
1987 "Boston City Limits" Europe Tour
1988 "Bill Grant and Dellia Bell" East coast Tour
1989 "Slavery Document" (world premiere) at Boston Symphony Hall
1990 "Porgy and Bess" with Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
1991 "Jazz in Nan-rec'91" with Akamatsu Toshihiro A-Project
1992 "Beacon Hillbillies" Japan tour
1993 "Ueno Jazz Inn '93" with Beggar's Beatitude
1994 "Peter Rowan & Rowan Brothers" Japan tour
"Beacon Hillbillies" Singapore and Japan tour
1996 Produce "BANJO HYAKKEI" concert at Nakano WIZ hall
Performed on the TV program "Acoustic Guitar for beginner"
1997 Live suport for Dr.K project, Sakata Akira + Furusawa Ryojiro, Nakanishi Toshihiro,
Ishikawa Takahiko, Minami Kousetu, Nagai Ryuun, among others.
1998 Played for the musical, "O Mein Papa",
presented by the theater company "YU-KIKAI/ZENJIDO THEATER".
Performed on the TV program "Violin and Friends".
1999 "The Acoustic Guitar Magazine" (Rittor Music Inc.) presents "akogi-de-go!!!" live.
Guest performance at Devid Grisman concert in Tokyo.
2000 Nakanishi Toshihiro concert (Osaka BlueNote, Aoyama enkei-gekijo).
Arita Yoshihiro Group first live at MINOTORU2.


1985 Banjo workshop with Tony Trischka
1988 Guitar instructor at "Fiddle & Dance" Ashokan, NY
1989 Guitar instructor at Music Emporium School in Boston, MA
1992 Faculty member at "Tennessee Banjo Institute 1992"
1997 Private instruction on banjo, guitar, mandolin at K's Guitar School

Published works

"The Acoustic Guitar Magazine" (Rittor Music Inc.) -- contributor, interpretation
"The Acoustic Guitar 5" - "The Acoustic Guitar 7" (Rittor Music Inc.) -- contributor, transcription
"Moon Shiner" (B.O.M Service) -- contributor
"Player" Nov. 1998 (player corp.) -- interview


1993 "Banjo Meltdown" (Tennessee Banjo Institute)
1996 "Acoustic Guitar for beginner" (NHK VIDEO)
1999 video "Bluegrass Banjo" (ritto-music)
2000 video "Gypsy Guitar Style Instruction Video" (ritto-music)

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